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2018 Topic

Creativity & Innovation: Imagining Our Way into the Future
Tuesday, Sept. 11 and Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018


The thirteenth annual Hancock Symposium addresses two of the most defining components of the future: creativity and innovation. As modern life becomes increasingly automated, human labor will shift to deemphasize repetitive and computational tasks. This in turn promises to reshape our businesses, educational systems, and culture to emphasize creativity, a trait that computerized calculation has yet to master. Our educational system's current focus on career readiness has undermined creativity for its own sake, and in so doing, has hindered our development of these creative capacities. Creativity, however, is the foundation for innovation, and innovation is the motor for progress. The political, economic, and environmental challenges that the world will face in coming decades will necessitate that we embrace innovation and creative thinking. In keeping with this, our Symposium will try to discover from where the next great stroke of genius will come. 


Hosted by the Churchill Institute for Global Engagement.


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