My Digital Life: The Speed of Light

The Symposium on Democracy examined the many novel and dynamic uses of digital technology as well as its potential to revolutionize the personal and work lives through enhanced communications, online communities, and collaboration.

Green Foundation Speaker: William H. Roedy

Former Chairman and Chief Executive, MTV Networks International. Roedy graduated from West Point and earned a Bronze Star and other medals in the Airborne Rangers of the United States Army in Vietnam. His career has taken him from the military to a vice presidency at HBO in 1979. After leaving HBO in 1989, he helped MTV expand its operations in numerous global markets and rose to the position of chairman and chief executive of MTV Networks International prior to retirement in 2011. He helped MTV grow and operate 400 digital brands including VH1, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Mr. Roedy holds a MBA from Harvard and he helped lead MTV and affiliated brands into 162 countries with broadcasts in over 33 languages. He helped drive social responsibility in the area of global health serving as Ambassador for UNAIDS. He is the author of What Makes Business Rock: Building the World’s Largest Global Networks (2011)

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Eagleman, Neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine, where he directs the Laboratory for Perception and Action and the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law. He is best known for his work on time perception, synesthesia, and neurolaw. He is also an internationally bestselling fiction writer published in 22 languages.

Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist and User Experience Designer from Portland, Oregon. Case founded Geoloqi.com, a private location sharing application, out of a frustration with existing social protocols around text messaging and wayfinding. She has participated in the MIT Futures of Entertainment conference and the TED speaker series. She has been featured in Forbes, WIRED, Time and many other publications, both in the United States and around the world.

Yuko Oda, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, MFA. New York Institute of Technology/Visual Artist. Professor Oda is a member of the Department of Fine Arts at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) where she specializes in 3D animation and computer graphics courses. She earned the ISRC grant from NYIT, the National Undergraduate Research Grant program for professors from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, and the Artist Grant from The Vermont Studio Center.

Breakout Sessions Speakers

William Froeschner, Recycler (Madison, WI) and a recent graduate of the University of MissouriColumbia.

Scott Lowe was the Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Westminster College.

Dr. Dong Xu, James C. Dowell Professor, Director, Digital Biology Laboratory, and Chair, Department of Computer Science at the University of MissouriColumbia.

Dr. Allan Zhang, Director, Westminster College China Programs; Manager, BJC Healthcare, PhD student in 5 the Department of Health Informatics, University of Missouri-Columbia, and physician.

Virginia Rowe-Pearson, Client Services Manager, Department of Mental Health and Department of Health, State of Missouri
John Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

Dr. Donna M. Hughes, Professor and Carlson Endowed Chair, University of Rhode Island.

David Jackson, Lobbyist and Government Affairs Consultant, Pelopidas, LLC.

Paul Sloca, Press Secretary for United States Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO 9th District.)

Rev.Terry Minchow-Proffitt, St. Louis, Missouri.

Sneha Bhandari '12, Pradipti Rajbhandari '12 and Misty Todd '12 are Westminster College Alumni.

David C. Everitt, President, Agriculture and Turf Division – North America, Asia, Australia, Sub-Saharan and South Africa, and Global Tractor and Turf Products, Deere & Company.

Peter Jones, Promethean Teaching and Learning Consultant.

COL Nate Allen, Ph.D., United States Army

John Anthony Jordan, Central Intelligence Agency Senior Intelligence Service (Retired)
Clyde Lear, Chairman, Learfield Communications, Inc.

Derek Lawless, Android Development Lead, State Farm Insurance Corporate Headquarters.