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Special Session

Dr. Francis Ali-Osman (Sept. 14, 1:30 p.m.)

A world leader in cancer research, Dr. Francis Ali-Osman is a professor of surgery and pathology and an active member of the Duke Cancer Institute's medical research team in Durham, NC. He is the Margaret Harris and David Silverman Professor of Neuro-Oncology Research and co-director of the Experimental Therapeutics Program at Duke and was appointed by President Obama in June 2016 to the National Cancer Advisory Board. A leader in the field of experimental oncology, cancer therapeutics and pharmacology and cancer-drug resistance, Dr. Ali-Osman’s particular focus is on tumors of the central nervous system. His research seeks to understand the cellular and molecular processes that underlie malignancy and to determine the response of cancer patients to treatment. His work is used to develop novel, highly targeted “smart” anticancer drugs and to design more effective individualized treatment strategies.

About Dr. Ali-Osman's Session on Sept. 14

Cancer remains one of major medical challenges of today and one in three Americans are at risk of developing the disease. Thankfully, because of the advances of the last three decades, many patients will survive the cancer and live good and productive lives. This presentation will examine the tremendous progress in science and medicine that has been made in the past four to five decades and have contributed to making many cancers manageable diseases, and the exciting promises of the future in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease that are giving hope to millions of people all over the world.


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